Dominica Vaughan

I graduated from Coventry University in 1993 after obtaining an upper class BA honours degree in Fine Art. I went on to do a PGCE at the UCE Birmingham and taught Art for over six years in various schools in Warwickshire. I continued my art practice during this period as well as being actively involved in developing a platform for local artists to exhibit their work and to meet up with like minded people. The art scene in Leamington was very dull at this time and to find support was very difficult. However, a few of us got together to create what is now known as LSA, a registered charitable trust. In 1999, The Leamington Gallery and Art Museum had its first ‘Open’ exhibition. I submitted a piece which was accepted and I was later awarded the First Prize in the painting category. The standard of the work on show was very high and it represented the enormous talent that existed and still exists in the area.

In 2003, I gave up teaching and went alone to live in Paris. I submerged myself in the language and culture. I met people from all over the world when I was learning french at La Sorbonne. Of course, there was no language barrier because we all communicated in french! I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of the unknown, anything could happen from one day to the next and it usually did. During the years I was there, I had a studio and participated in many exhibitions. For a short time, I set up and ran a gallery in the 5ième arrondissement of Paris with my partner Florian Louineau who is a photographer and financed the idea. It was a short lease that was not renewable. However, it was an achievement for us and it became very popular, or I should say notorious because of some of the controversial work we were showing.

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