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AMA Morning Talk Archive

Artist TalkMonthDetails
Anna PhilipsFebruary 2014Anna is primarily a painter, although mixed media works and drypoint prints showcase her considerable skills
Bryan B KellyDecember 2013Bryan describes his style of painting as naive and flat, using oil paint in bright green, purple and rich hues
Three members discuss their workFebruary 2014Three AMA members, Sheila Graham, Katharine Barker and Moira Lamont talk about their work
Ursula WestwoodApril 2014Ursula is a very versatile artist who has worked in a wide variety of media. In this talk she demonstrates felt making.
Eleanor AllittDecember 2014Artist Eleanor Allitt took her audience with her for an exploration of her Cretan Journeys
Lizzie CarrisFebruary 2015I have long been an admirer of Lizzie's large atmospheric drawings inspired by the beautiful landscape that surrounds her house.
Victoria Smith, Sian Love and Sue StewardMarch 2015In this talk Victoria Smith. Sian Love and Sue Steward talk about their work
Tamsin Abbott and Rachel DavidMay/June 2015Tamsin Abbott described her journey into her current practice as an artist, illustrator and maker in stained glass. We also visited the workshop of 'Textile Anarchist' Rachel David
Amando MagninoAugust 2015AMA members visited woodworker Armando Magnino, maker of fine furniture in his Warwick studio
Jeni NealeSeptember 2015Jeni's main way of working is as a botanical artist. This approach maintains accuracy and traditional white grounds.
Tammy WoodrowOctober 2015To an audience of artists, the way that Tammy approached her talk was as refreshing, revealing and inspirational as the work itself.
Tim BeerNovember 2015Several times during during the course of his talk he mentioned the importance of the sub-liminal, of multiple influences, of learning by absorption.
Pat Carpenter , katharine Barker and Moira LamontJanuary 2016Pat Carpenter, Katharine Barker and Moira Lamont delivering this months talk about their latest works
Gerald GreenMarch 2016Gerald is above all a connoisseur of light, which shimmered through many of his paintings and was captured and controlled by his mastery of tonal contrasts and balance.
Louise DarbyMay 2016On a dull day and with a small audience we were treated to an engaging and informative talk from a master potter.
Libby January, Leyla Folwell, Moira Osborne, Jane WilliamsJune/July 2016Libby January, Moira Osborne, Jane Williams and Leyla Folwell
Marie CalvertSeptember 2016Marie's full time work is as an Integrative Psychotherapist, using the creative arts and a variety of disciplines with her clients.
Sarah ShalgoskyOctober 2016for the AGM we were treated to a rare treat - a talk by Sarah Shalgosky, curator of the Meat Gallery, University of Warwick since 1993.
Milgros KugaNovember 2017The two big influences for her work are the textiles produced in both Peru and Japan.
Margaret CondonJanuary 2017Through her prints Margaret tries to show us unspecified points in the past.
Shennac RogersonMarch 2017Shenac introduced her talk as 'my journey' and then took us through her artistic life.
Dominica VaughanMay 2017Much of Dominica's work runs in series, but changing, sometimes radically in form and focus.
Sue O'GradyJune 2017Susan O'grady is one of those whirlwinds of creativity, I suspect that she draws, paints, assembles and stitches from dawn until dusk and beyond?
Anya SimmonsSeptember 2017Our first speaker after the summer break was Anya Simmons. She presented herself as a mixed media artist although it might be more accurate to say that she is a painter working with mixed media in two and a half dimensions.
Len MackinOctober 2017Len his known to AMA members as someone who paints still life subjects, using smooth brushwork and an old masters style.
Jane ArcherNovember 2017She works on very heavy, almost cardboard like (350g) watercolour paper which is both robust and responsive.
Anneka ReayDecember 2017Our talk today was given by the most extraordinary, talented young woman.
Members talk JanuaryJanuaryThree Cornish Musketeers discuss their work influenced by St. Ives in Cornwall.
Penny VarleyFebruary 2018Penny's main display was of her domestic ware. This is made from white earthenware...
Janette GeorgeMarch 2018Janette will accept commissions, but will only take on a subject she likes 'don't do what you don't enjoy' his her motto.
John HuntApril 2018Whilst visiting a Picasso exhibition at the Tate Gallery John wandered around from room to room struggling to connect with what was shown, until her entered the room which contained paintings of bathers from the 1920s.
Sally FodenMay 2018This talk featured a visit to Sally's house in Leamington to view her work including paintings and textiles
four Harbury ArtistsJune 2018Jules Whiteside, Libby January, Wendy Campbell=Brigs and Sally carpenter talk about their forthcoming Open Studios work,
Deborah CollumSeptember 2018Mixed media textile artist Deborah Collum gave an inspiring talk to the AMA.....
Sally LarkeOctober 2018Sally has definite views about pottery. It must not be held too dearly, so much goes wrong there is no point getting hung up about breakages and accidents.
Fiona MetcalfeNovember 2018Fiona gave a popular talk that charts her past, present and future work.
Terry WebsterMarch 2020Terry Webster talks about his career as a model maker and how he come up with his ideas using sketches